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Brenton Tech Specialist Inc.

             1392 G. Araneta Avenue, Talayan,
             Quezon City, Philippines.
                                        Telephone: +632 712 8457
                               +632 413 9434
                               +632 413 9436
                                        Fax: +632 413 9435

Brenton Int. Ventures Man. Corp.

             1 JP. Bautista St., Samson Road
             Caloocan City, Philippines.
                                        Telephone: +632 366 1558
                               +632 366 8837
                               +632 363 8117
                               +632 363 9134
                               +632 363 1233
                                        Fax: +632 363 7494

Brent Oil Corporation

             KM 30, SouthLane, North Luzon
             Tollway, Balagtas, Bulacan
                                        Telephone: +632 984 3247
                               +632 359 9289
                               +632 425 6483
                                        Fax: +632 984 4375

ZCL Marketing Philippines

             5 Molina Street, 7007 Compound
             Calenzuela City, Philippines
                                        Telephone: +632 983 8861
                                        Fax: +632 983 8860

Brent Group of Companies

The BRENT GROUP OF COMPANIES traces its beginnings from the Brenton Engineered Products Corporation (BEPC) way back in April 1991. Our President , Edward William S. Tan, together with his other partners envisioned BEPC to be at the forefront of providing quality products and services for EPC (Engineering, Procurement &/or Construction) projects with Petron Corporation and soon thereafter to other players in the derugulated Oil Industry.

With continued business innovations, infrastructure development and customer service enhancement, the Brent Group of Companies is commited to ensure prompt delivery of its products and services regardless of its products and services regardless of location while our after-sales services focuses on equipment efficiency ans safety.

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The Owner

"I was driven by my desire to prove to myself that i can do it and be successful in the business world."
"How to further expand our business."
"Be competitive to our competitors."
"To be on the top of the game."

-Mr. Erward William Tan

Tell No.: 413-94-34 / 413-94-36

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